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We know about them because we are constantly being contacted by these companies wanting us to resell these counterfeit items for them here in the United States.Some knock-off brands do not even try to pretend to sell as the brand name, they are just sold as cheap sex toys.Furthermore, those that allow for returns, restock used items and resell them, meaning you may be getting a used sex toy.

Some resellers will say that they only accept returns if they are “unused and unopened" but most sex toy manufacturers do not shrink wrap or safety seal their products so it’s not difficult to carefully close up a sex toy box and make it look like it was never opened.

That is why, as an ethical company, we cannot take properly working sex toys back.

In fact, on the rare occasion that a customer reports one as defective, we have them dispose of the defective product and provide a replacement or if the manufacturer wants it back to better understand what caused the defect we have the customer send it directly to the manufacturer with a prepaid shipping label.

We will NEVER take back a sex toy into our warehouses where we have our inventory because we cannot verify that it was not used or tampered with and we simply care too much about our loyal customers to risk their health.

Companies that sell way below an MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) are often violating the manufacturer's sales agreement and are considered to be unauthorized sellers.

Adult sex novelties online cheap

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