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As of 30 September 2017, a total of 2,343 Burundian refugees, including 240 persons with specific needs (PSNs), were facilitated to return to Burundi.As of 31 August 2017, the number of new arrivals was 4,887 since January 2017.Women and Girls aims to give our readers a deeper understanding of the issues that impact female populations around the world.

The move by Kigali comes amid renewed accusations of Rwandan meddling in Burundi.

() US President Donald Trump has denied asking why the US allows immigration from "s***hole countries," but admitted the language he used was "tough." The UN and African Union are among those to slam the reported remarks.

A further 23,000 Burundian refugees, who have lived for decades in Tanzania, no longer receive assistance.

Voluntary Repatriation of Burundian Refugees from Tanzania started on 7 September 2017.

The leaders of South Africa, Gabon, Mauritania, Senegal and Ethiopia have been in Burundi this week meeting with representatives of the opposition and government to prevent escalation of a crisis that has killed more than 400 people and displaced at least a quarter of a million (pictured) in the past 10 months.

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