Cells not updating in excel 2016

by  |  12-Jul-2017 18:49

In column D, you’ll add an array formula to list the unassigned names.This list will be used for the data validation drop down lists.Tip: To draw a circle, hold the Shift key while you use the Oval shape drawing tool.

If you’re having a party this weekend, you can use Excel to plan the guest seating.

And if you sent me an invitation, it hasn’t arrived yet!

In this example, you’ll enter the guest names on an Excel worksheet, then fill the tables by selecting names from data validation drop down lists.

After you’ve selected a name, it will disappear from the drop down lists, so you can’t accidentally assign one of the guests to two different seats.

For new files, the used range is only cell A1, but as you work through a file, it will increase to represent the rightmost column and furthest row that you’ve edited or formatted.

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