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I submitted it straight away and it was published within 10 minutes. A crab crosses the drawbridge seeking shelter from the storm. Story 085 by Tanya Butler "Matthew, can you say Daddy? "Matthew, DAD-DY." Matthew's attention has gone, he moves onto all fours and crawls away. The cat was a brute, an evil monster and I hated it. We are RESCUE, the Rally Excoriating the Sexualisation of Certain Undead Entities: vampires who demand to be recognised as the hideous, decaying, horrifying predators of humanity that we are, not the glittering, good-looking, smooth-talking objects of teenage fantasies your popular media stereotypes us as. "I asked you not to." "Just give it a chance." "I cannot." "You're making too much of this. I march smugly to the Post Office to return the antisocial communicator.

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Unfortunately, with low traffic levels, this option wasn't financially viable, so I redirected the website onto this page and opened the 81word Writing Challenge.

That meant users could still try the 81 word flash fiction writing challenge out for free and see their work published.

He sent me a link to this newspaper story regarding the world record for the 'most authors contributing to an anthology of short stories'. Guinness has a 12 week turnaround time, so I should know if my application is successful by the end of February 2018.

If the application is successful, I hope that having 1,000 contributing authors in the 81 word anthology will make the sales target doable. Big thanks to Allen for putting the idea in my head.

When 1,000 stories have been received, written by 1,000 different authors, an anthology will be published.

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