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In December 1919, he was accepted as a select member to the Haagse Kunstkring, an exclusive society of writers and painters who met weekly on the premises of the Ridderzaal.

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The diploma allowed him to teach, and he took a position as the assistant to Professor Gips, the Professor of Drawing and Art History, for the small monthly salary of 75 guldens.

In March 1915, his daughter Pauline was born, later called Inez.

In 1907, van Meegeren, compelled by his father's demands, left home to study at the Technische Hogeschool (Delft Technical College) in Delft, the hometown of Johannes Vermeer.

In 1913, van Meegeren gave up his architecture studies and concentrated on drawing and painting at the art school in The Hague.

Following the war, the forgery was discovered in Göring's possession, and van Meegeren was arrested on as a collaborator, as officials believed that he had sold real Dutch cultural property to the Nazis.

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