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This price is for wi-fi only – the model with unlimited 3G access costs £329.99.

And, of course, you have access to Amazon’s library of 4.5 million books. Kobo Aura One: £189.99, Argos Kobo makes the strongest alternatives to the Kindle.

Kobo and Bookeen readers are also compatible with open ebook formats, but Amazon is not. Amazon Kindle Oasis: £269.99 Amazon This reader is pricey, but it’s by far the best Amazon has ever made. At first glance you wonder if Amazon has shrunk the screen but it’s the bezel that’s slimmed down – the Oasis has the standard six-inch display.

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Additionally, they are easy to read in bright sunlight, through sunglasses, just like, you know, real books.

Most ebook readers also have lights for reading in the dark (all here apart from the basic Kindle do).

Similarly, most now have touch-operated screens – all the ones we’ve featured do.

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