Grey s anatomy 6x11 online dating

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His father suspects he's faking it in order to dodge school.

Even though everything seems fine, Arizona wants to cover all the bases, so Alex suggests a triple contrast CT.

As she keeps on ripping cast padding, she blurts out all the problems with Mark.

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Callie admits he's being a little unreasonable, and unintendedly tells Lexie that Mark slept with Addison more than once. Alex and Arizona are looking at Brad's scans, which shows there's nothing that appears to be wrong.

Alex doesn't think he's faking, as he believes no kid wants to be the kid who has to leave school for hospital visits all the time.

Teddy explains she wants to give other residents a chance too, as Cristina's been on every case with her since her arrival.

Cristina understands, but she hopes to get back on Teddy's service soon.

Teddy doesn't know when that will be, but today she really can't.

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