Interracial dating magazine article

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I still live in the house where we raised them, and it’s full of happy memories."My husband received a letter that said he was going to have 'polka-dot' children.": I met my husband, who is Australian, while I was singing in Sydney in 1964.

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Despite the relatively high number of students who stated that they approve of interracial dating, only 80% said that they believed interracial relationships were accepted on campus.

One University of Georgia sophomore* told me, “I feel like I would date outside of my race, but I would honestly feel pretty awkward telling people about it if I didn’t know them really well.

I wanted to fight for her, but if I had tried, the state would have taken her away.

So I signed the papers and gave my parents custody. I hardly got a chance to say goodbye; I came by the house one last time to rock her to sleep.

87% of the surveyed students stated that they approve of interracial relationships and that they would participate in interracial dating given the opportunity.

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