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On the outbreak of the Second World War he drove six hundred miles across jungle roads from Dar es Salaam to Nairobi to volunteer to join the Royal Air Force.

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He clashed with Geoffrey Fisher, the headmaster of Repton.

Dahl later recalled that the "hypocrisy of his headmaster's brutal beatings followed by pious sermons in Repton chapel cured him of any inclination towards Christianity." Roald Dahl decided against going to university and after taking part in the Public Schools Exploring Society's expedition to Newfoundland he joined in 1934, and was sent to Tanganyika (Tanzania).

In place of Maibaum, Saltzman and Broccoli turned to a friend of the by-then-deceased Fleming, a writer with plenty of experience but very little in film: Roald Dahl.

Yes, that Roald Dahl, as though any other human being in the history of Earth has ever had that name: Roald Dahl, the beloved children’s writer best-known for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, and a bunch of other darkly menacing tales of morality that drew a distinct line between the good and bad kids. He wrote fiction for adults suffused with eroticism, much of which first appeared in Playboy, and he was a philanderer described by his biographer as "a fantasist, an anti-semite, a bully and a self publicising trouble-maker.” While those qualities might not make you the most enjoyable man to be around, they do seem compatible with a certain superspy — particularly once you watch Dahl’s take on him.

When Dahl took on You Only Live Twice, he diverged from Maibaum’s technique by throwing out most of the Fleming novel it was based on.

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