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Fierstein had won four Tonys: acting and writing awards for Torch Song Trilogy, an acting Tony for Hairspray, and one for writing the book of La Cage; Lauper is a chart-topping singer-songwriter and actress who had won Grammy, Emmy and many other awards for her songs and performances.

He said the main difference is that the musical is, "at its core, about two young men who come from seemingly opposite worlds who figure out that they have a lot in common, beginning with the need to stand up to their dads." Lauper's inspirations ranged from listening as a child to her parents' recordings of South Pacific and West Side Story, as well as musical inspirations as diverse as Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring" and pop singer Lana Del Rey.

She felt that its themes resonated and thought that the story had potential as source material for a musical.

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Having inherited a shoe factory from his father, Charlie forms an unlikely partnership with cabaret performer and drag queen Lola to produce a line of high-heeled boots and save the business.

In the process, Charlie and Lola discover that they are not so different after all.

Lola is reluctant, since she is already receiving crass comments from some of the factory workers, but is flattered by Charlie's praise, and finally agrees.

Charlie announces that the factory will be moving ahead with production on the boots.

Leaving the pub, Charlie witnesses a woman being accosted by two drunks. He comes to in a seedy nightclub, where the woman he attempted to rescue is revealed to have been the club's drag queen headliner, Lola, who performs with her backup troupe of drag dancers, the "angels" ("Land of Lola").

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