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We chose this school because he was playing JR Hockey so we needed the access since we were always on the road.

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The next thing is we scan and email the concurrent enrollment paperwork that the college needs to allow them to go concurrent and all they need to do is sign it stating the expected graduation date is 4/3/2018 and have a principles signature and counselors.

They refuse to sign because the anticipated grad date is that but they cant say it is an expected date and cant sign because there isn't a principle or counselor, this letter is typed up by the Director of the program who couldn't just sign the form and put director next to his name. My son was bored in traditional high school his begigining Junior year at age 16. Yes, he had to take entrance exams but who doesn't anymore?

So I jump on to order the transcript and I'm still showing a balance so I can't.

I call them back and now I'm informed it takes 3 business days to drop off. I get up and check on Monday since that would be the 3 or forth business day depending on when they start counting and guess what its not cleared.

I am happy with this school and I would recommend it to anyone.

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