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Gloria was a bisexual woman, like many of the women in the community, and she had a wicked idea... Gloria loved seducing young girls, having already corralled not one, not two, but of her daughter's friends... " "The African mission." "Ohhhh," Gloria said, escorting the cute teen into her living room, "Come on in." "Thank you, ma'am," Mary thanked, happy for a moment's relief from the heat and hopefully the chance of selling some raffle tickets.the last one while her daughter was downstairs with two other friends during a sleepover. And this would be the ultimate conquest: the minister's daughter. "Take a seat," Gloria offered, waving towards the easy chair."It's a sauna out there and you must be dying of thirst. Gloria went to the kitchen and poured two glasses, including the one she planned to spill all over her ripe, young prey.

Plus, Mary had done a lot of visiting in the African community before her senior year and seen the positive impact the church had there.

Yet, it also broke her heart to see the excessive suffering in third world countries while her peers back home whined about nonessentials like cell phones, cars and so forth.

Taylor had swept her wet dress over her head and completely off of her. okay," Mary stammered, shocked to be suddenly standing in front of a church acquaintance wearing only her underwear and pantyhose.

"I'll just throw this in the wash quickly, we don't want it to stain," Gloria explained, slyly. "No, no," Gloria feigned caring urgency, as she admired the teen's very impressive body hid well in her usually conservative attire and voiced further crocodile concern, saying, "Oh no, your bra is soaked too." Gloria then quickly reached around the girl, unclasped the bra and removed it. Before the teen could protest, Gloria quickly left the room and put the dress and bra in the washing machine, her pussy already tingling at what she hoped would happen next.

She considered going to the washroom for a towel, but she didn't know where it was, having never been inside the Taylors' before, and didn't want to intrude where she wasn't invited. "Then how do you keep your body in such great shape? Gloria grabbed the teen's wrists and moved them to the sides of her breasts as she crooned, "Oh my, your nipples are rock hard." Mary looked down at her breasts and saw Mrs. But she was a virgin and planned to stay that way until she met the man she was going to marry...

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