Reggie and kim kardashian dating

by  |  09-Dec-2017 22:49

He is white by the way- which I think has nothing to do with it.

And I have ten or twenty gay and straight male friends who have done the same- and others (black and white) who have not.

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He won't be able to see past his inflated ego to know what is going on.

Nor will he care, as long as his ego is properly fed.

Pimps are successful because they know how to work insecure females.

There are no female pimps but there are females that know how to spot and take advantage of insecure men and among Black men that is easy to find. " A white girl with a known history of dating black men becomes unappealing to white men.

Those guys are desperate for contact with a woman and will do anything for it. Awkward computer nerds are smart and fall in love more or less based on CHARACTER or PERSONALITY. Did anyone stop to think that maybe these white girls who sleep with black men don't give a fuck what white men think because they don't want white men in the first place? There is this weird "forbidden fruit" fetish regarding white women that many black men have. "Here's the deal, a pretty white woman is the prize of any successful man.

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