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In his report on the project, Roger Curtis of HES, praised the faithful restoration of the croft.

He said: 'Woven into this refurbishment has been an appreciation of the people who lived there and how such links connect us with a way of life that lies at some distance from our own.'Ms Innes, 53, and Mr Innes, 54, from Blairgowrie, Perthshire, bought the property in 2006 and were locked in the planning process for around five years.

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But we do recommended pre-arranging meetings with other doggers.

Most doggers now, because of bad publicity and various dogging news items that have happened to dogging since it hit main stream news, now pre-arrange meetings to avoid disappointment.

A major restoration was guided by HES which Jackie has described as a 'labour of love' after finally completing the project.

She added: 'It hasn’t made any sense in terms of effort or money but we feel that we have done the right thing.'The restored cottage, which is built on what is thought to be Scotland’s highest piece of farmland, will open up for a new generation as a holiday home.

And when Historic Environment Scotland (HES) was contacted, Downie’s Cottage was immediately given Grade A listed status.

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