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He shot down a further two on his third mission on the night of 3/4 October.

By the beginning of April, he had recorded 17 victories in only 15 missions!

On 28 January 1945, the unit, initially known as Sonderkommando Stamp after its founder and then Sonderkommando Welter, was redesignated 10./NJG 11. Welter claimed 25 Mosquitos and two four-engined bombers shot down by night and two further Mosquitos by day flying the Me 262.

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10./JG 300 was established to counter incursions by RAF Mosquito twin-engined bombers.

In September, Welter was to claim seven Mosquitos shot down, including one by ramming!

Welter was awarded the Eichenlaub (Nr 769) on 9 March 1945 for 48 victories.

Having survived the war, Welter was killed on 7 March 1949 at Leck in Schleswig-Holstein waiting at a level crossing, when logs falling from an improperly loaded passing train crushed his car.

It is thought that during his service with 1./NJG 10 and 10./JG 300, Welter recorded 12 victories in only 18 missions.

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